Morrier Ranch is Global G.A.P. Certified!

Morrier Ranch is Global G.A.P. Certified! Global G.A.P. is a certification that helps to keep the agricultural industry clean, sustainable, and safe. Morrier Ranch is proud to be part of this program that helps to keep the world moving toward a future where sustainable farming practices are top priority. This certification helps to give our partners and clients peace of mind knowing that year-round, through planting to harvesting we retain vigorous quality standards to keep producing fantastic hops.

Global G.A.P. ensures that our production meets internationally-recognized best practices. While Morrier Ranch has always been dedicated to producing quality hops this certification will help us to continue growing quality hops while being mindful of these best practices.

Safety is one concern that is always on our mind, with our global G.A.P. certification we are more careful than ever to ensure that our employees are safe and prepared in the event of an incident. Whether that means wearing correct PPE or being mindful of risk assessments that help us to identify problems before they occur, we remain dedicated to reducing risk around the farm.

Global G.A.P. certification means that we have third party experts evaluate and verify our farm yearly to ensure that we remain safe and sustainable in nearly all of our daily activities. From chemical use to water management, we are vetted thoroughly to meet global standards. This includes keeping detailed records of all of our chemical and fertilizer usage throughout the season, as well as testing our water and keeping record of when and where we used it throughout the year.

These are just a few of the ways that Global G.A.P. Is helping us to become more sustainable, clean, and safe and we are excited to see where the future leads us with sustainable farming.

Hop field