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From pioneers to pioneering the hop industry

Morrier Ranch Wins Cascade Cup from Hop Quality Group

Morrier Ranch in Moxee, Washington won the 2018 Cascade Cup at the 62nd Annual American Hop Convention in Palm Desert, California. The award is presented each year by Hop Quality Group, and it signifies the level of quality Morrier Ranch achieved in their 2017 hop harvest. Hop Quality Group is a nonprofit organization that promotes hop quality for craft brewers. They have presented the Cascade Cup award each year since harvest 2012. Cascade is the most popular variety in the craft beverage industry. Nominations are received from all over the United States. The judges consisted of craft brewers from all over the country, who understand the importance of good hops that match type characteristics. Cascade hops are known for their citrus and floral aroma, balanced by herbs and spice. The judges performed blind tests on the Cascade hops, basing the results mostly on aroma. The Cascade Cup reflects the Morrier’s commitment to growing the highest-quality hops for the craft industry. “We couldn’t be more excited to be producing such high-quality hops—hops that are used to make beer for people around the world. It’s a great feeling,” said Joe Morrier, owner of Morrier Ranch. Morrier Ranch began farming hops four generations ago when the family settled in the Yakima Valley after emigrating from France. Now, the family grows, harvests, and packages their hops onsite, and sends them to brewers and distributors around the world.

About Morrier Ranch

Morrier Ranch is a fifth-generation family farm that has had the opportunity to produce hops for breweries worldwide. The Morrier family first settled in Quebec, Canada, and then emigrated to the Yakima Valley to work in the agriculture industry. At Morrier Ranch, premier Yakima Valley hops are grown, harvested, and packaged onsite, ensuring quality hops are sent to brewers and distributors. The Morrier family has invested in a number of other projects as well: the Morrier farm, the Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel Maison, the Lofts, and many more developments to continue to build the community they have settled in.

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